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Workforce Solutions is not just a mere manpower supply, we also provide the workers with the best opportunities and freedom to choose their working habits.

Our ultimate goal is to be the number 1 solution strategist in the market for short and long term job project. Our future relies on the on-line recruitment staffing solutions, where part time employment reigns over full time employment commitment. We provide online solution for both employers and employees free of cost to get a professional service.
It is our commitment to be the regions’ 1st and ultimate strategist in line with online recruiting and providing services. Our promise to our valued clients’ is to deliver an exquisite service in providing a solution according to their business and operational needs. Our motivation is to fulfill and exceeds each of our clients’ requirement, so as the staff who we assigned for the job have been chosen to deliver the services accordingly. While we are convinced that every opportunity should not be taken for granted, we make sure that all our services and staff are fully trained and equipped to provide it’s professional services to our clients with it’s full potentials, credentials, documentations and portfolio’s on hand, it is our responsibility to schedule, organize and supply our services in a timely effective manner. We have our own performance management system assessment that enables us to strategically place a grading pay structure system to our part time staff and we use it to calibrate their performance level.
It is imperative to outline how we run our business operations and what tools and methods we use to achieve the best result of our services. Work Force Solutions provides our clients’ staff service requirements and our account handlers do a broad and thorough inquiry to examine out the correct candidature. It is also a requirement in our company to screen and create portfolio’s and gather substantial legal documents for each of our part time staff enabling our client not to worry about their legal employment that may be short or long term services. So as to accomplish a more thorough screening, our account handlers do couple of telephonic and personal interviews with various assessment tools to ensure that the personality traits compliment the organization’s culture and environment. The in-house processes and procedures that we commence for part time staff selection guarantees only the best-fit profiles are presented to our client’s It is by our regular check and calendar update on our system that we do an ultimate monitoring in timely basis to understand and to keep track of our part time staff schedule or availability enabling us to identify who will be free to be deployed for another client requirement in the event of a new project line. It is by the demand of our client to procure a specific job requirement and it is our role to deliver the best service result. Our responsibility starts from the time we receive the demand of the client up until the end of job project. While we serve as an independent mediator between our clients and our part time staff, our role never stops in being responsible for coordination and organization during our staffs’ employment respectively. A Service Level Agreement and a Part Time staff service provider contract serves as a legal and binding contract agreement in between the two parties to safeguard the terms and conditions of the given services made as so as the payment terms.

How Work Force Solutions Help Our Clients’ Business?

It is commonly known that recruitment cost in supplying manpower services in different sectors worldwide is hectic, moreover produces hassle in terms of allocating, coordinating, budgets for visa and employment labor contract and not to mention the internal cost of man-hour rate being charged from internal employers’ recruiters to do the job. We have created this system to certainly target employers who looks for smart services arrangement which is made to conceptualized the idea and the influence of part time staff solutions as per the business demand. Our platforms’ intention is to deliver and support an economical and affordable rates of supply for manpower services in daily, weekly, monthly or on-going terms (indefinite time) without being held accountable to produce legal documentation except for internal pass or transportation which is only being added to the services in the secluded or remote areas of UAE.


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